Maximizing Your Budget

A Strategic Guide for Museums

Get a copy of our guide today to help museums like yours navigate significant challenges that put added pressure on budgets that are already stretched in many ways.

  • Provides an overview of some of the most pressing budget issues we’ve heard from our customers
  • Highlights some specific ways that Art Sentry helps address these issues
  • Offers general tips and strategies for maximizing your museum security budget

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“The system not only provides enhanced protection of our Collection, but has also shown to improve the scores we receive on our visitor comment cards. The audible alerts are non judgemental and people no longer feel they are being unfairly targeted by our security staff.”

-Dr. Louis Zona, Executive Director, The Butler Institute of American Art

Why It Works


Prevents Touches

With the alarm security system in place, museums have found that 92% of object touches are avoided, serious-damage incidents are reduced by 60%, and valuable artifacts are protected.

Improves Visitor Experience

The audible alerts minimize the need for security personnel to confront visitors. This reduces the number of stressful situations and allows your staff to focus on customer service.

Provides Data & Insights

The camera-based motion detection security system captures data that helps your team observe trends in guest behavior. The data allows you to reconfigure exhibits to reduce the visitors' desire to touch an object.